Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Dominic Kelly and the Year Three children have been working hard on their Stories and their Story-Telling techniques, and at 10.30 on Saturday morning this weekend they will be in the Supper Room at Coronation Hall as part of the Furness Tradition Folk Festival, sharing the bill with internationally renowned musicians, dancers and other storytellers...including Dominic himself who will be performing in the afternoon.

We are also happy to be able to pay for two tickets to our show for the families of each of the children who are performing. If that's you, the school will be getting in touch.

The festival is in its 2Oth year now, and it's one of the highlights of the year...we are all very proud to be involved. Here's the festival website, where you can find full details of the weekend programme..

And here's a message from Dominic...
"Over recent weeks the children have been storyboarding their tales and this last week we’ve opened up a little toolbox of techniques for bringing the storytelling to life in front of an audience: how to go in and out of characters, play with the speed and volume of their telling, and use their physicality to make it even more fun.

The children have divided into groups and each group has decided for themselves how they would like to split the storytelling between themselves. They’ve been rehearsing - and also filming to evaluate how their own storytelling performance is progressing. On Friday we’ll have a last rehearsal in the Supper Room of the Coronation Hall, where the groups will get used to how we’ll run our ‘storyfair’ event the next day. And then on Saturday morning they’ll be performing their stories in front of live audiences for the first time!"

Exciting business....we shall see you there.

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